Upcoming Events

Minister Betty Hall's 60th Birthday Party & Seminary Fundraiser

Plan on joining us in celebrating Sister Betty’s obedience and call to prepare for a life of full-time Christian ministry. It will be a “Sweet Send Off” fundraiser party to raise funds for her seminary education as she prepares for North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago beginning sometime in August. The finger food party and program will be held at the church on Sat. Jul 20th from 6-8 PM.

Pot-Luck Dinner & Movie Night

Join us Sat., July 27th at Bryant’s home (4002 Brindisi Court, Missouri City) for a pot-luck dinner at 6 PM and watch the documentary “Becoming American: The Chinese Experience” at 7 PM.  Part Three of BECOMING AMERICAN: The Chinese Experience focuses on the personal dimensions of this contemporary experience. With legal obstacles removed, Chinese American families who have lived in this country for generations and a massive new wave of young, highly educated and upwardly mobile Chinese immigrants have struggled with the true meaning of becoming American.

2nd Half of 2013 Mosaic Calendar of Events

Click on this link to get the dates for the 1st half of 2013 Mosaic's calendar of events. Record them on your calendars and join us as we support one another on this journey to become more obedient to Christ.